Saturday, September 11, 2010

Nine Years but Like Yesterday

It seems hard to believe that nine years has passed since 9/11. The morning was crystal clear, with a blue that covered Manhattan like a late summer blanket. A beautiful day wasted. Many beautiful lives wasted. The promise of what they were yet to contribute, gone.

Among them were many brilliant, hard working people in the insurance industry like the employees of Marsh & McLennan including Charlie McCrann who attended meetings of the National Association of Insurance Commissioners for many years. And others including former New York Superintendent Neil Levin; and Vita Marino, an insurance industry analyst with Sandler, O’Neill & Partners. And many in the financial services field like those at Cantor Fitzgerald.

Today is much like that day nine years ago: crystal clear, deep blue skies and one of the last warm days of summer. And in a sense, listening to the television and hearing names being read including Levin’s, there is a continuity to that day nine years ago because it is obvious that those who lost their lives are still very much alive to their loved ones and loved by their loved ones. Two planes can’t take that away.

We remember you and we honor you.

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