Sunday, September 13, 2009

The 30-Day Project Continues As Part of Life Insurance Awareness Month

Last week, the Insurance Bellwether launched the 30-day project as part of Life Insurance Awareness Month. The goal is to ask 30 average Joes and Janes three questions:

--What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of life insurance?
--What is the best thing about life insurance?
--What is the worst thing that comes to mind when you think about life insurance?

Thirty days, thirty viewpoints. Here is the second round of answers for the man and woman on the street.

Campaign worker—Expensive, “giving something to your family”, losing a person.
Hair Colorist—Death; Financial Protection; expense.
Architect—Family; comfort; the way insurance is sold—“scare tactics, talking down to [prospects], and manipulation.”
Bicyclist—Death; the protection it can give to a family, not so much people my age [mid-20s] but people my parents’ age; the expense
Bell Captain at The Standard Hotel—Money; the protection it provides to a family; “The expense is unbelievable. If you have are alive you have too much, but if you die, then you can’t have enough of it.”
Data Programmer—Monthly payments; The “Feeling that you've done the right thing by your dependents;” Monthly payments.
Editor-Literary Journal--Burial insurance; 1-Life insurance is one means of planning for the future--one's own and one's beneficiary(ies). Some policies I think can eventually be used like savings accounts--i.e., help the policy holder. I consider people who take life insurance policies stable and forward looking. 3-I'm not sure many people actually need it. Having savings--money in the bank--or solid investments (whatever those are today) might be a better way to go for most people. For example, my annuity earns great interest and will be available for my own use down the road and what's left over will go to my beneficiaries. Most life insurance policies earn little to no interest. I know for example my boss is dead set against life insurance policies--thinks they are a waste of money.
Housewife—growing older and becoming more mature and responsible; protecting your family; the process of having to go through blood tests and other requirements that slow down the process of getting more insurance.

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