Wednesday, September 30, 2009

‘The 30-Day Project’ Wraps Up

This installment of comments completes ‘The 30-Day Project,’ an effort to mark Life Insurance Awareness Month by asking average Joes and Janes three questions:

--What is the first thing that you think of when someone says the word ‘life insurance?’
--What is the best thing about life insurance?
--What is the worst thing about it?

Here are the final round of comments—30 comments for the 30 days of September. I hope you have found this interesting, helpful, or maybe, just a little different. I thought it was refreshing and informative to move away from the many industry experts and just listen to the perceptions of everyday people.

Housekeeper—The money it provided when my husband died. The security it gave me in retirement. The worst thing was making payments when I worked three jobs and had eight children to take care of. But I made the payments and now I’m glad I did.

Manager of café—Not necessary. If you have a family it might be worth it. But, I have bills and don’t make a lot.

Lawyer—Estate planning. It can make it easier to pass on money to heirs. It can be expensive to implement but not as expensive as a large estate tax bill.

Handyman—I don’t need it. The cost is a lot but my wife still wants me to get it. (After questioning.) I have a child and another one. I’ll save and that will be there if they need it.

Retiree—Passing money on. I have a son who is struggling, so I will be able to pass some money to him. The payments were sometimes hard to meet.

Crossing guard—Protection. If anything happens to me, my family will have some protection. The cost is hard.

Maintenance worker—My family. I have children and a wife who need protection. The money could be used for other things.

Poll worker-Protection; caring enough for your family; not protecting them enough.
Social worker—Protection; knowing you are doing the right thing; being fair to all my children.

Caterer—Drain. It can provide money but I need to put my resources into my business.

Office worker—Keeps things steady if someone dies. I think it at least provides something definite when other things are up in the air after a death. It can be expensive though.

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