Tuesday, July 27, 2010

LISA’s Doug Head Announces Retirement

Doug Head, executive director of the Life Insurance Settlement Association, Orlando, Fla., has announced his retirement effective December 31, 2010.

In a July 27 letter to Russel Dorsett, president of LISA’s board of directors, Head writes “The months ahead will allow LISA to engage in a productive search for a successor and to review our programs and activities so that the transition to new leadership can be seamless.”

Head says that he remains “passionately committed to promoting public and policy-maker knowledge of the benefit that LISA Members have brought and will continue to bring to policy holders and investors.

In the letter, Head says that during his decade with LISA, the organization has grown from 13 to 130 members and have started many programs that benefit members.
Head writes, “With the release of the GAO and SEC reports this week, I know that the exhausting era of daily and constant fire-fighting is over and our establishment as a worth industry has been formally recognized and affirmed. Now we cannot be and will not be crushed by powerful opponents. Our value will become increasingly known to the American public. So it is time for me to go after a constructive transition.”

He says he will remain active in industry affairs and hopes “to continue to provide considerable support to the current and future efforts of LISA, its Staff, the Board, the Members and the Industry.”

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