Thursday, July 22, 2010

Oxendine, Loses Primary Bid For Governor; Hudgens Advances in Race for Commissioner

Earlier this week, Georgia Insurance Commissioner John Oxendine lost his primary bid for governor, according to results posted on the state’s election commission. Oxendine received 115,253 or 17% of 679,702 votes in the Republican race, losing to Karen Handel who received 231,715 or 34.1%. Handel is endorsed by Sarah Palin, former Republican presidential candidate and Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer. Roy Barnes won the Democratic spot with 258,875 or 65.6% of 394,589 total votes.

In the race for insurance commissioner, state Sen. Ralph Hudgens, R-Hull, won the Republican primary with 117,348 votes edging out Maria Sheffield who received 111,185or 19.6% of a total 566,516 votes cast. The Democratic candidate, Mary Squires, who ran uncontested, received 284,064 votes.

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