Wednesday, December 1, 2010

NCOIL’s Keiser Takes Reins, Appoints Chairs

North Dakota state representative George Keiser took over as President of the National Conference of Insurance Legislators, Troy, N.Y. Keiser named NCOIL chairs to advance the work of the group of state insurance legislators through 2011.
The slate of incoming NCOIL officers also includes Sen. Carroll Leavell (N.M.) as President-Elect, Sen. Vi Simpson (Ind.) as Vice President, Rep. Charles Curtiss (Tenn.) as Secretary, and Rep. Greg Wren (Ala.) as Treasurer.

In one of his first duties as President, Rep. Keiser announced 2011 Committee Chair appointments:

Financial Services & Investment Products: Assem. Joseph Morelle (N.Y.)
Health, Long-Term Care & Health Retirement Issues: Rep. Barb Byrum (Mich.)
International Insurance Issues: Sen. Travis Holdman (Ind.)
Life Insurance & Financial Planning: Sen. Mike Hall (W.V.)
Natural Disaster Insurance Legislation
(Subcommittee): Sen. Dean Kirby (Miss.)
NCOIL-NAIC Liaison: Rep. Kathleen Keenan (Vt.)
Property-Casualty Insurance: Rep. Chuck Kleckley (La.)
State-Federal Relations: Sen. Keith Faber (Ohio)
Workers’ Compensation Insurance: Rep. William E. Sandifer, III (S.C.)

Keiser assumes the role from state Rep. Robert Damron, Ky., immediate past president.

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